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The ARC Advantage

We believe that to realise the potential of their wealth, all investors deserve unbiased, insightful advice informed by unrivalled real-world performance data.

That's why we created the ARC Indices

If you are an investor, a trusted adviser or an investment manager, then you need the ARC Indices. Why?

  • They give you context and perspective to make better investment decisions.
  • Our clients and their advisers rely on this information to ensure that their investments are on the right path to meeting their goals.
  • Investment professionals can leverage the expertise of ARC Research to make better, data driven decisions.

Investments shouldn't be left to chance. Each investment decision has a purpose, usually with some long term objective but the journey to that objective is not a straight line.  The ARC Indices are available in a number of different categories for different types of investors; from the cautious where preserving the money is more important than growing it, to the other end of the scale where investors accept more risk in pursuit of higher returns.

By using the ARC Indices, you are removing the guess work from what you should be getting from your investments using data driven context and perspective.

"Every investment house should be signed up. Better for everyone, especially clients who have to deal with a somewhat opaque industry. Well done ARC"

Ross Ciesla - Chief Investment Officer at Veritas Investment Partners


Find out more about how the ARC Indices could be of value to you from ARC Group CEO, Stephen McMahon:

"If you're independent and provide advice to high net worth clients - ARC is the only gig in town.
The correlation to the success of our business and why we use ARC data to monitor all our discretionary managed portfolios"

Phillip Rose - CEO Rosebridge


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